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  • How to Create Magical Brands

    JC Rodrigues, a speaker at the marcus evans Latin CMO Summit 2013, on brand development.

    Interview with: JC Rodrigues, Director, Disney Interactive Business Unit


    “People do not buy products. They buy what your company believes in and how you make them feel,” according to JC Rodrigues, Director, Disney Interactive Business Unit. “Magical brands recognize that their main purpose is to bring positive emotions to customers in all points of contact, from their product to their communication,” he adds.

    A speaker at the marcus evans Latin CMO Summit 2013 in Panama City, Panama, November 7-8, Rodrigues discusses how Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) can create a magical brand experience.

    What makes some products, services and brands magical? What effect do they have on consumers?

    Brands may have an enormous impact on people’s lives, and not necessarily with their products or services, but with the values they transmit and the feelings that they give rise to.

    Magical brands recognize that their main purpose is to bring positive emotions to customers. They do not waste time and money trying to convince how “good” their products are, instead focusing on how they mirror consumers’ expectations and positive emotions, acting almost as an iconic figure of these emotions.

    What is your definition of “magic”?

    It is the capability of mirroring positive feelings and emotions from customers, borrowing or taking ownership of this emotion in the market and using it to drive daily business decisions. A company that takes ownership of “friendship”, for example, must have everything from product to customer support, marketing campaigns and the sales pitch transmitting the exact same feelings.

    How can CMOs achieve this “magical” component?
    All brands must know their essence. I do not mean the beautiful plaque over the president’s desk with the mission and the vision of the company, which may mean nothing or be totally tied to productivity, profit and quality. The essence of a brand and what it values must guide all decisions and team members’ behaviors within the company. It must determine who will be hired or fired, and which product to launch. Once an essence is clearly defined and recognized by the market, the company does not need to spend millions of dollars on advertising in order to convince the public something that it perhaps is not.

    Why should CMOs understand the humanistic component of technology?
    Over the past years, we have seen the growth and decline of many social tools, websites and apps. We did not have Facebook ten years ago and no iPhones six years ago. We do not know how humans will connect in a few years. Nevertheless, the essence of human beings has not changed and every few months there are new tools to express that essence.

    By understanding the humanistic component behind tech tools and what motivations people to use them, CMOs will be ready to use whatever technology brings and build a positive relationship with customers.

    Why is it important to mirror customer beliefs?

    Firstly, companies must understand what type of positive feelings their brand brings and what beliefs they want to spread at any point of contact with customers. Everyone wants to be around people (or brands) that share their values and inspire them to be better people.

    What tips for marketing in the mobile sector could you share?

    Mobile has expanded connectivity on levels that we could not imagine. It has catalyzed even more the expectations of an always-on society. Ubiquitous connectivity demands a ubiquitous company, always available, through all possible ways, to provide information, services, communication and entertainment to customers. “Prime time” is every time.

    Which marketing strategies are the most effective with Latin American consumers?

    Latin Americans tend to express their feelings more often and stronger than in other cultures, which makes companies’ responsibilities in this connected world bigger. We also tend to have a broad view of the benefits of spreading good thoughts and feelings based on brands beliefs and values. Brands can recruit their customers to help create a better world, and the Latin Americans will embrace the idea.

    Any final comments?

    Temet Nosce. That means “Know yourself”. Go deep into what your brand wants to mean to people.

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